Our new App:
SignalFlags Tool – get to know and use the international signal flags

An app for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android

• What does this flag mean?
The international maritime signal flags represent letters and numbers. In addition to the letter these flags have further meanings in seafaring.
The appealing app SignalFlags Tool tells you the meaning of both a stand-alone flag in different maritime situations as well as the meaning of the flag in combination with other flags.
On the detail screen for each flag SignalFlags Tool also shows the phonetic name including the international pronunciation as well as the associated International Morse Code. By tapping on the Morse Code you can show the code using light signals. For all letters which are used as a sound signal you can also play the sound signal.

• You want to write using flags?
• You want to decode a text written with flags?
With SignalFlags Tool this is quite simple. And – unlike most other tools – when writing SignalFlags Tool uses the substitute flags in accordance with international rules, rather than using a flag already used one more time.

• How are the flags arranged for a dressing overall?
The arragement of the flags for a dressing overall is different in the countries. SignalFlags Tool shows you the arragements used in Germany, the UK and the US.

SignalFlags Tool provides a responsive user interface, so that the display of ​​your device is always used optimally – whether on a small or a large phone screen or on the tablet.
All flags are shown with high resolution details and textures.
An animated help function explains the functions of the app.
SignalFlags Tool includes all texts in English and German. If you didn't set German as user language for your device, all information will be displayed automatically in English. If you like you can switch to German language manually.

SignalFlags Tool in practice

The help animations show you the main functions of SignalFlags Tool. They are created using the view on a smartphone. To start the animation click/tap on the picture.

On the first tab you can find all the signal flags. A tip on the flag leads to detail page.

On the next tab you can write with signal flags according to the rules.

The third tab will help you if you want to decrypt a text written with signal flags.

Der Startscreen

The correct arrangement of the signal flags for a dressing overall is presented on the fourth tab. This screenshot was taken on a tablet.


SignalFlags Tool is available for iOS and Android. A version for Windows Phone is in development.

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