The iPad App "World Ensigns"

World Ensigns is a visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns. The navigation in World Ensigns is intuitive and language independent. Thanks to the numerous index functions of World Ensigns you can easily find flags of ships and their respective countries. World Ensigns includes 260 interactive pages for 242 countries or regions and and includes a total of 1005 flags.

In World Ensigns you will find ensigns for all countries and regions that the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) has assigned a MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) to.

No matter whether you will encounter a ship whose ensign you don't know or whether you see the MMSI or the call sign of a ship with the AIS function of a ship's chart plotter. World Ensigns can quickly show you the ship's country of origin as well as further information about the countries geographic location, timezones and official languages. In addition to the different flags used in this country you will get information about the geographic location of the country, it's timezones and the official languages.

World Ensigns is the ideal compact and mobile reference book for all sailors, motor boat drivers, people on cruise lines, ship spotters, navigators and all with itchy feet: the perfect maritime lifestyle tool.

World Ensigns offers you the following features

Search functions:
• alphabetical search by name of the country
• search with known MMSI
• search with known call sign
• visual search using geometrical attributes and colors

Available information for each ensign:
• IOC code of the country
• international name of the country
• capital
• visual location and coordinates of the capital
• timezone(s)
• official languages
• groups of MMSI
• groups of call signs

Types of flags:
• naval ensigns (including variants for yachts)
• authority flags
• navy flags
• national flags
• optional regional courtesy flags

How to use "World Ensigns"

This page shows you the ways you can navigate in "World Ensigns".

How to find a flag in "World Ensigns"

This page shows you the different ways you can use to search in "World Ensigns".

Screenshots from "World Ensigns"

Take this screenshots to get a look inside of "World Ensigns".

Der Startscreen

The Start screen

Alphabetical search by name of the country

Visual search using geometrical attributes and colors

Search when MMSI is known

Naval ensign

National flag

With a tap on the map the country and its capital is show in Google Maps


Country with regional courtesy flags

screen showing the regional courtesy flags


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