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Special courses for sailors

We present our current training program for sailors under the menu item Classes. We are sorry, but in the moment our classes are only in German language.

Software from sailors for sailors and motor boaters

Perhaps you did already come up with software for sailors and motor boaters which seemed to be promising at first sight, and by using it you had rather a feeling that the devlopers have never been on a trip with a yacht. We have had this feeling often while testing new software.

This is the reason why we have decided to develop software by sailors for sailors and motor boaters. A team of experienced developers and designers is assisting us – all with practical experience.

You can discover our software for sailors and motor boaters and the menu items Logbook Suite  and Apps.
Our current products include the popular iPhone App Ship's Bell, the iPad Apps WorldEnsigns and SignalFlags Tool, the iPad Apps series Lighthouses of the Balearic Islands and last but not least our userfriendly software package Logbook Suite (for Mac, Windows and iPad), that includes—in addition to the digital logbook Logbook—practical tools for sailors and motor boaters.

Maritime Photo Art

Browse in our shop in the Photo Gallery with Maritime Photo Art. All photographs will be produced in your desired size in gallery quality lamda print first mounted behind an acrylic glass plate and then mounted to Dibond.

Here you can get directly to our Photo Gallery

Maritime Photo Art by Helmut Kraus.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: 

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2K Yachting News


Now in Apple App Store: iOS App BoardCash for iPhone and iPad

Our new iOS app BoardCash can now be downloaded from Apple App Store. For more information on the app BoardCash use this link.


Coming soon: iOS App BoardCash for iPhone and iPad

With our new iOS app BoardCash you can now make your cash book entries on the iPhone. The app is fully compatible with the Logbook Suite Add-on BoardCash. More about this next on our website.


Revised user manual for Logbook 3.8.1 online

A new version of the user manual for Logbook can be loaded from our download page. The new manual includes all the functions of Logbook 3.8.1.


New version Logbook Suite 1.1 available

Logbook Suite 1.1 is available now. And the update is for free, as usal. Read more about the new version here.


Update to Logbook Suite 1.1 coming soon

Coming soon: In a few days the free update to Logbook Suite 1.1 is available. All recipients of our newsletter will be informed.
The highlights:

  • connection to Dropbox and iCloud etc. on iPad
  • automatic update function of your data files
  • categories for the medicine Add-on "First-Aid Kit"
  • new print layouts for serveral Add-ons
  • brand new Add-on "WorldEnsigns" – is a visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns
  • optimized for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra


Update for App »Ship's Bell«

An update to our popular app Ship's Bell is available in Apple App Store. The update fixes a bug that could occur when switching to DST.


»Logbook Suite« for Windows 32 bit systems

Due to requests of our customers we have developed a 32-bit version of Logbook Suite. You will receive the download link when you fill out our download form.


Logbook now is »Logbook Suite«

Logbook Suite, the new version of Logbook, is available. The highlights:

  • iPad version available as an app in the Apple App Store
  • Dutch user interface
  • optimized layouts for iPad Pro
  • 130% zoom level on PC
  • special options for inland waterways
  • get air pressure using iPad barometer
  • duplicate a crew from a trip into a new trip
  • improved update and import functions
  • automatic data import from Logbook 3.7


New version of Logbook und Add-ons coming soon

In short time a new version von Logbook and the Add-ons will be available. The highlights:

  • user interface can be set to Dutch
  • optimised layouts for iPad Pro,
    130% view on PC
  • special options for inland waterways
  • get pressure from iPad barometer
  • copy the crew from one trip into another
  • enhanced features for update and data import


»Användarhandbok – BoardCash 2« available

The Swedish translation of the user manual for Add-on BoardCash is available for download.


Update Logbook

This update fixes a few minor bugs in Logbook and some Add-ons. More here.


»Användarhandbok – Crew« available

The Swedish translation of the user manual for Add-on Crew is available for download.


»Användarhandbok – Logbook« available

The Swedish translation of the user manual for Logbook 3.7 is available for download.


LogbookNMEA connect 2.0 available

The new version 2.0 of our app LogbookNMEA connect is available in App Store for download/update. Version 2.0 has been optimized for iOS 9.2 optimiert and supports more devices.


boot 2016 in Düsseldorf

Early in the morning at 10h: Everything is ready for our visitors …

who come numerous. We say thank you for the interesting conversations and look forward to many more.


Logbook 3.7 – free update now available

Logbook 3.7the new version of our popular logbook software is available now. Customers who already own a version of Logbook , can download the new version of Logbook and the Add-ons for free from their Shop account. All serial numbers are still valid.


Logbook 3.7 available soon

Logbook 3.7now also in Swedish
In a few days the new version Logbook 3.7 will be available. Logbook 3.7 provides both in Logbook itself and in the Add-ons many small improvements and enhancements of existing features. A new addition is Swedish as a third language for the user interface.


New Version of App Ship's Bell

Ship's Bellnow compatible with iOS 9
The completely re-programmed version 2.0 of our popular iPhone app Ship's Bell is now available in Apple App Store - new, modern design, optimized for all iPhone sizes, compatible with iOS 9.


SignalFlags Tool –
a new App for iOS and Android

SignalFlags Tool
get to know and use the international signal flags
The new app for iOS and Android explains the international signal flags both used as stand-alone flag as well in combination with other signal flags. In SignalFlags tool you can also write with signal flags and decode a word written with signal flags.


ShipSides –
new series for our Maritime Photo Art

ShipSides: The Aesthetics of Ship Sides as Maritime Art

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