Logbook Suite:
The Logbook for Sailors and Motorboaters – at Sea and on Inland Waterways

A Software for Mac, Windows and iPad, Version 1.1

Logbook Suite is a user-friendly logbook software package from yachtsmen for yachtsmen (both sailors and motorboaters)—Made in Germany. Logbook Suite includes a digital Logbook and Logbook Add-ons, a selection of useful little tools, with which you can manage tasks around your ship and your travels on yachts. The Logbook software replaces the handwritten logbook on sailing and motor yachts. Yacht owners from over 40 different flag states are using Logbook Suite on all oceans and numerous inland waterways. More and more skippers of charter yachts love to digitally capture of their trips. The software is in the market since 5 years now and is continuously updated and further developed, all updates are free (the current version of the logbook is 3.8). The iPad version is now available as an iPad App.

Included in the software package Logbook Suite we provide the first and only digital logbook for Mac users. But Logbook Suite is very popular with Windows too, because the user interface differs from other digital logbooks and it is orientated by the traditional, hand-written logbook. Instead of computer-technical input masks you get pages with a practice-oriented layout which makes it easier to enter all relevant data into the logbook. Logbook Suite works completely without internet access.

For the iPad you can get Logbook Suite in Apple App Store. The files of Logbook Suite can be used on iPad or on PC (OS X or Windows) or alternately on iPad and on PC. The user interface is the same on all platforms.
If you use Logbook on an iPad Cellular, 4G or 3G the actual position can be read from the iPad's GPS.
And if you connect a NMEA onboard network or a GPS receiver to your iPad or PC, Logbook can read the nautical data and enter them automatically into the logbook. To use this feature on iPad you need the NMEA Add-on for iPad, and on PC the PC NMEA license for Logbook.

Logbook was tested in daily use during long trips and is developed further constantly—a user-friendly software by yachtsmen for yachtsmen (both sailors and motoboaters). For iPad as well as for the Mac Logbook is the only software on the market with which a logbook can be led corresponding to the official demands.

Logbook is suited best for skippers who have used printed logbooks up to now, but want to make use of the advantages of a digital logbook. These are—in addition to the optional automatic recording of navigation data—for example the automatic analysis of the nautical data. Using the trips and the overview Logbook automatically calculates for relevant data totals as well as average values—both for every day, for a whole trip and for all entries in the logbook. Of course your logbook can be printed. Hence you can make a printed logbook for you and your crew to keep the trip in memory.

During the journey you can enter the nautical data into Logbook just like in the traditional logbook on paper. It is up to you how often and how detailed you type in your information. Logbook provides for each day a page with several tabs for the nautical information and for weather information, technical notes as well as for your personal diary with photos. Besides, Logbook offers a special view where you can put in detailed information on your yacht. This makes it easier to find all important information when needed.

Thus the navigation data can be entered easily even under worse conditions Logbook presents a special view with large fields for data entry while crusing.

Get your free trial version of Logbook Suite and explore the features.
The trial version provides all the features of the full version, but is limited to 5 travel days and 2 trips. With the buttons on the right you can load Logbook Suite for your desired platform (for PC from our website, for iPad from Apple App Store).
On our download page you can find a link to download the detailed manual.
If you like Logbook Suite, you can purchase a license in our shop and convert your demo version into a full version. The licenses for Mac and Windows can be used on iPad, too.

Logbook Suite can be set up to English, German, Dutch or Swedish user interface.

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